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Question Of The Month: Everyone Has a Story to Tell. What’s Yours?

That is the theme or motto of the Other Bunch. Each person’s story is different because we have different life experiences, viewpoints and understandings of events. No two people are alike, even identical twins (who are as close to being the same person as possible without sharing the same body) have a slightly different view of the world because they each stand in a different spot on the earth.

What makes your story unique is your individual view of the world, how an event or life situation affects you and makes you feel.  When you examine your world and relate it to others on paper in an unapologetic and straight forward manner the reader is allowed to live in your skin and understand your thoughts momentarily. Through our written words we are able to see and show the connectedness of mankind — that is heady power. 

Women, people of color, the young, the old, the handicapped and all who feel or has ever felt that they were somehow “other” need to realize the time has come to speak up, to write your story. We had a woman run for president of the United States this year and she nearly made it. We had a black man run and he did make it. We now have a president who is of African heritage. Those two events would have been impossible just a few years ago.

I am reminded of the television commercial which shows thousands of women walking forward from the horizon and female voices saying, “I am powerful.”  The time has never been better. We each need to write our story and by doing so seize our power and share our view with the world.  


Dixie Thomas Reale