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Once upon a time four writers had a dream. They made their dream come true.

I’ve tried to write this column a dozen times in the last month. I’m having trouble because I’m deeply moved by the subject. How to be honest. How to convey what I’m feeling. How to let go and move on. No matter how many different ways I begin, I end up in the same place, so please bear with me.

Once upon a time there were four women who loved to write and tell stories so much they formed a critique group that met regularly for years. Once a week they gathered to pour over their stories, offering suggestions and comments, and most of all encouragement. If a writer was entering a contest, she’d challenge the others, “You should enter too.”

Once a year these writers scheduled a writers’ retreat, taking a weekend to write, explore and laugh. One year they tramped around the Idaho ghost town of Silver City. Another year they explored Idaho City and its cemetery. Rocky Bar. The Hagerman valley. They attended bookfests and conferences and cheered each other on.

Eventually the writers organized what they called the Other Bunch Press. They held workshops; they published a book.

Life happens and things change. Jennifer Sandmann moved to Washington and Dixie Thomas Reale is writing stories from the clouds, or maybe the ocean where she loved to “swim” with the whales. Patricia Santos Marcantonio and I remain here in southern Idaho writing our fingers to stubs and loving every minute of it.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook you know that things are changing here at Other Bunch Press. We’ve changed our name as well as our website. What hasn’t changed is our passion for telling stories and sharing our love of writing with others. Our motto, “Everyone has a story, what’s yours?” remains the same. Our passion for bringing writers together is constant.

Pat and I are carrying on, happy to announce the formation of our new partnership, River St. Press. We’re releasing a middle grade book this spring called Billie Neville Takes a Leap. Please watch for it, it’s the story of a little girl who has a dream to be a daredevil like Evel Knievel. We’re also working on the third book of our Snake River Plain series, an anthology of family recipes, which we plan to release in early 2015. We will continue to hold workshops and bring writers together. We will continue to tell our stories.

We are grateful for your support and continued interest. Please come with us as begin our new adventure as River St. Press.com.

-Bonnie Dodge


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Hauntings from the Snake River Plain book signings

Two book signings for HAUNTINGS FROM THE SNAKE RIVER PLAIN are coming up this month.

From 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26, there will be a book party at the Rediscovered Bookstore, 180 North 8th Street  in Boise.

From 5:30  to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 30, a book signing will be held at Hastings Books Music & Video, 870 Blue Lakes Boulevard North, in Twin Falls. We hope some authors will do readings.

Hope to see you there.

Twin Falls Book Launch Party!

Fun was had by all. Thanks to the authors who came out and helped celebrate.

Idaho Writers Tell Ghost Stories in New Anthology

Check out what we have planned for September and October.


Celebrating your writing buddies

Bonnie Dodge and Dixie Thomas Reale show off their Christmas gifts

Among the hectic days at the holidays, now is the time to also say “Thank goodness for my writing buddies.”
I say that a lot and not just at Christmas. My writing buddies are Bonnie Dodge and Dixie Thomas Reale, who are also my partners in Other Bunch Press.
Here is why they are important and why you need writing buddies.
They support and encourage me, especially on those days when I want to throw my computer out the window.
They are great critique partners. While I am good at plotting, they are good at motivation, characterization and making me dig deeper, which only helps my writing.
They understand the writing life and how it is to work on a project for months without the guarantee of a paycheck.
They are great at brainstorming ideas and ticking your imagination.
They love and respect the written word.
They are tough when they need to be, but also complimentary.
I have known many other writing buddies, but these two women are also my friends.
I have said this many times before, writing is a sometimes painfully solitary endeavor. But it helps to have people with who you can talk writing, and that helps ease the pain at making words appear on a blank sheet of paper or computer screen.
I urge all of you to find writing buddies in the new year if you don’t have any, and for those of you that do, please express your appreciation for them.

Books featured on ‘Virtual Cabin’

Books from the Other Bunch Press and its writing partners are featured on the Virtual Cabin site, which is part of The Cabin, A Literary Center for Idaho.

Take time to explore information about The Cabin and support this wonderful venture.



Standing room to hear paranormal investigator

A Ghostly Affair drew almost 50 people to the Twin Falls Co. Historical Museum.

It was standing room only to hear paranormal investigator Marie Cuff

Marie Cuff discussing paranormal investigation

Almost 50 people turned out Oct. 15 to hear Marie Cuff of Boise, executive director of the International Paranormal Reporting Group, discuss paranormal activity in Idaho.
The International Paranormal Reporting Group has been serving Idaho and Oregon since 2000 and is a member of the TAPS organization.
The event, held at the Twin Falls County Historical Museum, was sponsored by Other Bunch Press to kick off submissions for its upcoming book, “Hauntings from the Snake River Plain.”
Cuff discussed the mission of the group, talked about different types of hauntings and shared audio and video clips from the group’s investigations.
Check out a news story on KMVT-TV about the event.

Director of paranormal investigation group discusses ghostly activity in Idaho

Do you believe in ghosts?
The Other Bunch Press presents “A Ghostly Affair” from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Twin Falls County Historical Museum. Marie Cuff of Boise, executive director of the International Paranormal Reporting Group, and her team will discuss paranormal activity in Idaho.
The International Paranormal Reporting Group has been serving Idaho and Oregon since 2000 and is a member of the TAPS organization. Cuff has been investigating the paranormal for more than 20 years and has appeared in several TV and radio programs.
Admission is free.
In addition, the Other Bunch Press will provide details on how people can submit ghost stories for its new book, “Hauntings From the Snake River Plain,” which will be published in the fall of 2012.
The Twin Falls County Historical Museum is located at 21337A US HWY 30, Filer.
Three-award winning authors, Patricia Santos Marcantonio, Bonnie Dodge and Dixie Thomas Reale, are partners in Other Bunch Press.

For more information, call Marcantonio at 420-5946, or Dodge at 324-8306.

Are you prolific as Stephen King?

I know that many of you aren’t screenwriters, but here is an interesting take on being a prolific writer. The title of the article is ‘The Key Ingredient to Screenwriter Success.’ The website belongs to Marvin Acuna, a producer who offers help on screenwriting. Whether you agree or not, it is something to consider.


A good way to keep your finger on the writing scene

Writing is a lonely profession, but there is a network of writers out there. Want to get to know what’s happening on Idaho’s writing scene? Then subscribe to Idaho Writer’s Update via email. It is very informative and free, which is a plus for any writer.

Get in touch with Betty K. Rodgers at bettykrodgers@msn.com.